Are there any hotels around here for when my family comes to visit?

A: One of Citä's many amenities is a boutique hotel-inspired guest suite that can be used for just such occasions. And our professional business centre offers facilities that complement these guest accommodations, so chances are your visitors won't need to stay in a hotel.

Can I bike downtown from here?

A: You can bike almost anywhere from here! For downtown access, Bank Street is the direct route, and now features marked bike lanes all the way along. And if you want a truly scenic route with more paths and less cars, the NCC bike path network can be accessed at the Rideau River, just a few minutes from here, and offers various options into downtown by travelling along the river or canal.

Is there good public transit here?

A: Citä is located just minutes from a major OC Transpo Station at Billings Bridge which puts you right on the Transitway. And Bank Street itself is a major artery for public transit in the city.

Is there an off-leash dog park nearby?

Immediately around Citä you have a section of Grasshopper park, as well as Featherstone Park just across Kilborn, behind McMaster School, and Playfair Park off of Playfair (and which can also be accessed by walking the length of Grasshopper park and through Pleasant Park woods). As well, there are literally kilometres of on-leash green space in the parklands around Citä.

Where can I buy groceries?

You have lots of great grocery options in the neighbourhood. Both McDonough's Independent Grocer at Billings Bridge and Farmboy on Bank are about 5 minutes away. Go another 5 minutes further south on Bank and you'll find the Loblaws at South Keys, having passed Wilson's Independent Grocer along the way. And for those quick needs, Kilborn Food Mart is just up the street.

What are the closest shopping centres?

The closest would be Billings Bridge, which is only about 5 minutes away. If you're ready to drive for 10 minutes, then to the south you have South Keys, while heading 10 minutes north gets you to either the Trainyards or St. Laurent Centre.