Beautifully placed, beautifully designed.

The Citä team has achieved something truly special with the design of Citä – something that enhances its historic Alta Vista neighbourhood and embraces the natural beauty around it.

At a distance Citä presents a striking architectural profile. On arrival you discover gorgeous outside spaces and a stunning, soaring lobby, and within the building the use of light and space provide balance and beauty. Wrap-around balconies give the front face sharp, clean corners while offering residents truly panoramic views.

A stylish welcome...

The sleek, contemporary lobby with its dramatic height and gallery-inspired design sets the tone for the rest of the building – light, open, balanced. Warm wood textures paired with cool stone finishes create a stylish but inviting space for your waiting guests.

Walk in the front doors and know you’re somewhere special.

From your rooftop lounge ...

For a view that includes the glowing city skyline, the shimmering Rideau River and miles of rustling trees, the rooftop lounge offers a spectacular escape. Comfortable, open and utterly re-energizing, it’s bound to become a favourite spot.

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